The Characters of Creeque Alley

Getting to know you, getting to know all about you...


Picture the world’s youngest bouncer. He drinks and he smokes and he tells dirty jokes. And he’s ten. Hangs out with his younger sister Bentley and his best friend Orvie. He really does have black friends.

  • Jackass 50%
  • Budding Alcoholic 80%
  • Future highly effective person 10%


Probably the smartest resident of Creeque Alley.¬†Brilliant but somewhat cynical eight¬†year old girl Keeps Orvie and Pudge out of trouble when she can, and when she can’t, she laughs at them. She laughs a lot.

  • Common Sense 85%
  • Cute Dresses 70%
  • Chances of Success 50%


Pudge’s bespectacled brotha from a different motha. Fascinated by the failures and tribulations of various figures in education and government. Resentful about being named after a popcorn manufacturer.

  • Thickness of Glasses 80%
  • Life Expectancy 30%
  • Overall Blackness 50%

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